Crafted Cocktail: Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Dark & Stormy

Here is something a little different from the usual. Thank you to the The Baddish Group for sending me some Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer and for sparking the idea for this post. One of my favorite types of liquor is rum especially dark rum so here I crafted a Dark & Stormy, 3 1/3 oz ginger beer (Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer), 2 oz dark rum (Pusser’s Rum), and 1/2 oz lime juice (Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice). Fill a highball glass with ice, add dark rum atop ginger beer then add lime juice, mix thoroughly and garnish with a lime wedge. Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer has a 4.8% ABV whereas most ginger beers used to not. The Dark & Stormy is a is light sort of brown copper color with a big aroma of ginger and little notes of the lime and dark rum. It has a pronounced ginger flavor with a nice following of light lime dark rum right behind all the ginger beer with an alcoholic ginger finish and similar aftertaste with a light lime coming through with a halfway medium mouthfeel. This is not as boozy as it would seem but it’s a little boozier than a standard Dark & Stormy due to the Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Overall this was a nice taste Dark & Stormy cocktails, gets a B+. Yes sure there will always be something better out there but right now this Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Dark & Stormy is really good. Please enjoy responsibly. Cheers!

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, 4.8% imported from Edinburgh, Scotland is not something I usually review but I do like ginger so let’s give it a review. Thanks to The Baddish Group for sending this to me. Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer is brewed with real Far East ginger that has been steeped for up to six weeks and with exotic spices. Crabbie’s pours (over ice) a bronze, semi-gold color with really not head and gives off a sharp and strong spicy ginger sweet aroma. The taste is a slightly more amplified version of the aroma, of strong spicy ginger with a nice cool sweetness that finishes with a nice mellow ginger sweet and spicy note with a sweet and slightly spicy ginger aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. Overall I found Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer to be a little on the strong side with its ginger flavor but I think that it’s a B+. Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a refreshing drink for any time and would be a nice addition to any cocktail. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Beer & Chips Pairing: Sun Chips Garden Salsa & New South Brewing Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale

Here is another Beer & Chips Pairing with Sun Chips Garden Salsa & Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale, 8.9%. I have previously reviewed Dirty Myrtle. Sun Chips Garden Salsa, from Frito-Lays, is a multigrain chip that has orange-brown wavy color in a square shape with some brown spots and an aroma of light jalapeño, tomato, and some faint grains. Taste is somewhat similar to its aroma with a nice crunchy tomato jalapeño flavor that is medium with faint grain and very faint cheese flavor. When paired with Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale the Garden Salsa Sub Chips get the jalapeño flavor washed away but do retain a light tomato flavor and as the beer washes into the back of your mouth the jalapeño flavor come back slightly and has a nice light vegetable salsa finish and after with a tiny bit of spicy heat on that aftertaste. Sun Chips Garden Salsa & Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale do somewhat complement each other getting B. Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale does overpower the flavor of the chips slight a couple of times but overall was a good pair and one that you should try. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

New South Brewing Waccamaw Red Ale

New South Brewing Waccamaw Red Ale, 5.8% ABV, brewed in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, dry-hopped with Cascade and Chinook hops is a west-coast style amber ale. Waccamaw Red Ale pours a deep red/orange murky color with sediment throughout the glass and a one and a half off white head that is somewhat quick fading, that gives off a piney hop aroma with faint caramel malts. The taste follows the nose with hoppy pine notes upfront and some nice but light caramel malt notes towards the middle of the mouth and the back. Waccamaw Red Ale finishes with a light caramel malt flavor with a big bitterness and a hoppy caramel aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. After a few swigs of New South Brewing Waccamaw Red Ale, it starts to grow on you and starts being slightly enjoyable and gets a C+. You don’t really see a whole lot of hoppy amber ales out in the market. This New South Brewing Waccamaw Red Ale is a bit above average and it surprised me a bit. I don’t recommend that you rush right out to have it. But if you come across New South Brewing Waccamaw Red Ale try it. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

New South Brewing Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale.

This past weekend I was in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I found the magic of the internet New South Brewing. I had two beers at their ho-hum brewery which did have many brewery stickers and beer mats adorning the wall. The two beers I had while there, Java The Hut, an English Brown ale, and their Red ale which I have and will review soon, both were slightly below average. I also picked up New South Brewing Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale, 8.5% ABV. Dirty Myrtle is brewed with lots of Mosaic, Simcoe, and Falconer Flight hops. Dirty Myrtle pours a deep orange murky color with a two-finger steady fading white head with piney grapefruit/orange bitter aromas. That aroma then leads you to a hoppy piney flavor of orange/grapefruit bitterness that is on the smoother side with a bitter citrus fruit finish and a bitter citrus pine aftertaste with a smooth medium mouthfeel. New South Brewing Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale did surprise me after having two mediocre beers. New South Brewing Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale is a B, and this was a smooth double IPA m, yet it had enough hop flavor so you knew that it’s a double IPA. I would recommend trying New South Brewing Dirty Myrtle Double India Pale Ale. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Triple C Brewing Company Baby Maker India Pale Ale

Originally posted on August 11th, 2014.

In the last year or so I’ve grown more of a liking to IPA’s (India Pale Ale), but I am not one hundred percent into them, but more than I was in the past. When it comes to IPA’s I can be a bit particular about them. But I was brought a local double IPA from Triple C Brewing here in Charlotte, NC called Baby Maker, 8.5% ABV with 80 IBU (international Bittering Unit). A double IPA is a stronger version of an IPA, with higher an ABV and IBU. The flavor tends to be bigger and bolder. Triple C uses a unique blend of malts to masks the high ABV while copious of four different hop varieties are used in the late kettle additions and dry-hopping is also used. Baby Maker pours a deeper amber/copper color with a big three finger off white whipped head that leaves great lacing behind that fades kind of fast. There were tiny amounts of light coming through with a normal carbonation amount. The aroma on Baby Maker is a little sweeter than you’d expect for a DIPA, and there is a normal piney scent that is around a malted aroma. The taste isn’t huge like you when normally get from DIPA’s, but more of malt sweetness with a little bit of piney hop bitterness behind it. I didn’t get much alcohol taste with Baby Maker; it was masked by the sweetness with made this beer a little easier to drink. As this DIPA warms up the sweetness becomes more present as well as the hop bitterness, but the bitterness never gets overly intense, just a bit more present behind the sweet flavor and the alcohol comes through just a little. The mouthfeel is a high medium with a nice bittersweet finish. The aftertaste is good with a little faint grapefruit that lingers for a second or two before quickly disappearing. I am not much into double IPA’s but this is not bad, it’s a B-. I felt that the sweetness and the hop bitterness were not balanced enough, it’s as if they are just there together in the same place not working together. But Baby Maker is a not bad beer though. It’s would be a beer that I would recommend if you like hoppy beers (DIPAs & IPAs). So go out and try Triple C Brewing Baby Maker Double India Pale Ale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Thursday, November 21st. Up All Night Breakfast Porter Release. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. The best thing about New Years is the Christmas lights! Our 10% Breakfast Porter is back and in 16oz cans for the first time!! Brewed with flaked oats, honey, lactose, chocolate malts, and Magnolia Coffee Company coffee. There may be a couple surprise draft-only variants too…


  • Thursday, November 21st. Blackberry Lemon Tart Release. Catawba Brewing Company. 3 pm-9 pm. This week’s Passport Beer is straight out of the bakery! Brewed with fresh lemon peel and blackberries, this pink drink is a little sweet with a tart bite.


  • Friday, November 22nd. YWDW Foster Village & Elderly Coffe IPA Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 9 pm. Did we just make your favorite IPA? 🍻If you’re a coffee AND IPA lover, this brew was made with you in mind.

    It gets better though! If you come by the OG to enjoy this brew, you’ll be contributing to a charitable cause. 👏 We’ll be donating $1 from every pint sold during the ENTIRE weekend to our friends at Foster Village Charlotte, whether you order our Enderly coffee IPA or another brew on tap. They’ll also be joining us at the OG on Friday!

    If you want to see how our other IPAs on tap would taste with a coffee twist, try out our coffee infused options where we use a French press to steep Enderly coffee beans on one of our non-coffee infused IPAs. ☕️

    This coffee IPA, sitting at 6% ABV, is a bright west coast IPA. It’s brewed with a special blend addition of Guatemala and Colombian coffee beans from our friends at Enderly. The base IPA is brewed with a heavy dosage of Simcoe and Mosaic hops and is infused with coffee in a small dose. It then received a heavy dose after fermentation, to bring this rich roasted coffee addition to the piney IPA. 👌🏻🤤


  • Friday, November 22nd. Citra Acid Test Release. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. As soon as we heard we had won a 2019 GABF Bronze in American-Style Sour Ale, we brewed up a batch of Citra Acid Test. Limited draft and only 80 cases. Don’t miss yours!!

    4.7% ABV, Kettle soured and loaded with Citra hops, this is a tart and refreshing ale full of juicy tropical fruit notes.


  • Saturday, November 23rd. Russian Roulette Beer Release. The Unknown Brewing Company. 11 am. We’re opening at 11am this Saturday for the Russian Roulette can release!

    Our delicious Imperial Stout is brewed with chocolate, spices, & peppers, sold only in 4-packs, and 1 out of every pack is EXTREMELY hot from the Carolina Reaper pepper!

    1 case per person!
    Get here early if you wanna play a little Russian Roulette the Unknown way!  


  • Saturday, November 23rd. Christmas Cookie Can Release. Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-11 am. It’s back! 🎄🍪 Christmas Cookie Winter Ale will be released Saturday, November 23rd in our taproom! There are limited cases and they will go fast. ‘Tis the season!


  • Sunday, November 24th. Fall Oyster Roast at Birdsong! Birdsong Brewing Co. 1 pm-4 pm. 📣📣 UPDATE: DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL: The oyster roast is rescheduled to 11/24 (same time). We want the best possible experience for our customers and hope you’ll join us on 11/24!

    Fall is in full swing and we’re celebrating with an Oyster Roast! Our friends from Rappahannock Oyster Company are bringing the oysters and the steamers down from Rappahannock River Oysters, LLC! We’ll have buckets of steamed/roasted oysters & they’ll be shucking raw oysters to order by the dozen! We’ll be brewing up a special Oyster Stout in honor of the occasion, hope you can join!

    Mark your calendars for one of Charlotte’s favorite oyster events! This event is family-friendly, so all are encouraged to join!

    WHEN: Sunday, November 24th, 1-4 PM.


  • Monday, November 25th. Mimosa Gose Release. Pilot Brewing. 2 pm-9 pm. Our award-winning Mimosa Gose will be back on tap soon! Join us for $3 goblets on release day.

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Wednesday, November 13th. Wild Beer Round-up and The Hobbyist. The Hobbyist. 5 pm-9 pm. Allagash is bringing the rare beers to The Hobbyists for wild beer round-up! The tap list will be stacked with limited Allagash offerings like Farm to Face and Nancy.

    Bottle pour flights and bottles available to bring home. We hope to see you there!


  • Thursday, November 14th. Good Golly Miss Molly Pickle Gose. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. We have something special for National Pickle Day! We brewed Good Golly Miss Molly Pickle Gose with lots of Molly Poe’s Party Pickles Juice. A must-try for any pickle lover!


  • Thursday, November 14th. Imperial Stout w/ Red Grapes Must. Catawba Brewing company. 3 pm-10 pm. The weather is getting colder and the beers are getting darker! 


  • Friday, Novermber 15th. Cranberry Gose Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 2 pm-10 pm. Your favorite Gose is back, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. 👌🏻 This brew, sitting at 4% ABV, is made with our base Gose recipe and to accentuate the tartness and create some additional flavor, it is fermented on cranberries. 🍻

    Who needs a warm and cozy mug when you can reach for this tart and refreshing pint instead? 😆⁣ You’ll want to come by to have it on draft AND leave with it in cans. Lucky for you, it will be available on draft and in cans at both locations!


  • Friday, November 15th. Mango Starr Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 3 pm-10pm.  Get ready for a thirst-quenching Saison, sitting at 5.5% ABV. This Saison was brewed with flaked oats, aged in oak barrels for two years on a mixed Brett culture, then refermented on mangos. 👌

    This exotic brew is the perfect combination of juicy and tart! 🥭 🍻  


  • Saturday, November 16th – Sunday, November 17th. Thicket as Thieves ’19 Bottle release. Wooden Robot Brewery 12 pm-12 am. Join us for the return of one of our beloved brews, Thicket as Thieves – Blackberry Sour Ale
    Saturday, November 16th at Noon

    Doors will open at The Chamber and The Brewery at noon! We will have a limited quantity on draft at both locations on the day of the release!
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Thicket as Thieves ’19:
    Thicket as Thieves starts life as a sour golden ale brewed with local malt from Epiphany Craft Malt. It ages in our oak foeder with our house mixed culture, then re-ferments on over 2 pounds per gallon of local blackberries for a delightfully tart and juicy flavor. Bottle conditioned, please pour carefully.
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    $16 (+tax) per 500mL bottle
    No limit on purchases

    Cheers, see you all on Saturday 11.16.19!

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company Lagerbier

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company Lagerbier, 5.5% ABV from Charleston, South Carolina which I received from a family member who purchased this from Winestore. Lagerbier pours a golden yellow color with a four-finger white head that steadily fades down to a two-finger head and stays. You get a crisp biscuit aroma off this beer that has a semi-sweet very faint corn-like flavor on the nose. The taste of Lagerbier is clean crisp with biscuit notes that have a little semi sweetness to it with a tiny hop note on the end that finishes with a twinge of a hop note a lots of lager biscuit malts with a aftertaste of Chips and a beady note that does not stay long with a light mouthfeel. Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company Lagerbier grows on you as you drink it, I start out thinking this average, then a few more sips I thought it was above average than by the end I’d say it’s a B-. Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company Lagerbier is one that I recommend and some worth a try. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Lammsbräu Organic Winter Spezial Premium Bavarian Lager

German beers brewers are pretty straightforward about the styles of beer that they brew. They tend not to stray far from the true version of a particular style of beer. This one Lammsbräu Organic Winter Spezial Premium Bavarian Lager, 5.1% ABV, is true to that statement. The style is known as a winter lager. Winter layers are slightly more malty and rich than are normal lagers would be. Lammsbräu Organic Winter Spezial Premium Bavarian Lager pours an amber color with a three-finger white head that slowly dissipates into nice wispy lacing around the glass. I saw nice amounts of light coming through and nice carbonation bubbles as well. The aroma is a bit sweeter than a regular lager would tend to be, and there is a faint earthy tone as well. You do get a faint biscuit/breaded scent. The taste is a bit malty, but not overly malty and you do get a little sweetness that isn’t there too long, but just long enough to enjoy. The sweetness is reminiscent of light semi-sweet chocolate. The taste is also earthy with a grassy like the taste, but not in the way an IPA would be. It is more of a lager. Type of grain flavor than an earthy flavor. The mouth feel is medium and the finish is nice smooth with a touch of malty sweetness. The aftertaste is slightly sweet with hints of earthy, grainy biscuit flavor. This Lammsbräu Organic Winter Spezial Premium Bavarian Lager goes well for a winter day like yesterday or today, not such an easy drinker, but close. Lammsbräu Organic Winter Spezial Premium Bavarian Lager is good, so it gets an A. German beers are always high up on my list, and even ones that I have not had before. Germans are masters and brewing beer and consistently brew great beer and this one was no exception, it was a good winter beer. So go out and pick up Lammsbräu Organic Winter Spezial Premium Bavarian Lager, and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!