Tarboro Brewing Company Sexy Canoe

Tarboro Brewing Sexy Canoe, 3.7% ABV is ode to light beer brewed in Tarboro, North Carolina will all malt. Sexy Canoe pours a golden clean, clear color with a one finger white head that disappears quickly leaving behind a white halo and clean biscuit aromas that have metallic malted semi sweetness to it. There’s not a lot of flavor on this beer, However there is some biscuity malt notes that have a metallic sweetness that finishes with a metallic bitter note and a clean crisp aftertaste that has a faint grain note and a light mouthfeel. Tarboro Brewing Sexy Canoe is not a great beer boring and gets a F+. The flavor hits you with an unimpressive quality and quickly goes away that is all boring. But this does drink quite easy. I would not try this you will be very unimpressed and very underwhelmed. So no I do not recommend Tarboro Brewing Sexy Canoe. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!