Flying Machine Brewing Co. Breakfast With Pegasus Hay Ale Collaboration Series

Flying Machine Brewing Co. Breakfast With Pegasus Hay Ale, 5.5% ABV is brewed in Wilmington North Carolina as part of their Collaboration Series with Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. in Charleston South Carolina. Breakfast With Pegasus is brewed with vanilla, Lactose and Tiffany Hay which is dry hay that thrives in the warm seasons. Breakfast With Pegasus pours a hazy orange color with one finger quickly fizzing white head with sweet vanilla aromas with some nice cream notes. The flavor is of vanilla sweetness that is creamy with no hay notes present that finishes sweet and slightly sticky with a vanilla candy-sweet aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. Flying Machine Brewing Co. Breakfast With Pegasus Hay Ale is definitely an interesting beer style. I give it a B- After two pints the sweetness begins to be too much on your pallet, and it’s more on a dessert side of sweetness. Yes, I would have this again as well as recommend it. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Foothills Brewing Company People’s Porter

Originally posted on November 10th, 2014.

As we get deep into the fall and closer to winter the store shelves are getting more and more dark beer upon them. I do enjoy dark beers, which has a wide range of styles, dunkers, dunkelweizens, dopplebock, schwarzbier, porter, and stout. Here is a porter from Winston-Salem North Carolina, Foothills Brewing People’s Porter, 5.8% ABV. People’s porter is an English-style porter. People’s Porter pours a dark rube to a black color with a three and a half finger brown thick head that slowly fades into wonderful foamy, creamy lacing. The aroma upon People’s Porter is chocolaty with light hints of some caramel. The taste is similar to its aroma with chocolate and caramel, also there is toffee notes with a slight herbal bitterness that follows that, but nothing overwhelming, People’s Porter has an IBU of 42.  This People’s Porter finish nicely with a pleasant hint of espresso and faint chocolate but more of the espresso is present. The after taste is a nice lingering chocolaty espresso flavor that slowly fades into the next sip of this beer. I enjoyed Foothills Brewing People’s Porter and I would give this a B+. This is a solid English-style Porter, and it is not too heavy or bitter on your taste buds, nor is it too strong. I found People’s Porter to be on the easier side of drinkability throughout the entire pint. I really have grown to like what Foothills Brewing is putting out there. They are brewing great beers! I recommend trying Foothills Brewing People’s Porter, so go out and pick this People’s Porter up and try it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!