Hopfly Brewing Co. One More Bite (OMB) Fruited Sour

I purchased Hopfly Brewing Co. One More Bite (OMB) Fruited Sour, 6.3% ABV from Pop The Top because of the label mostly and a little because of the contents. One More Bite is brewed in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with Strawberry, Vanilla, and Lactose. Judging this beer by its label I think they are going for a strawberry shortcake here. One More Bite pours light orange color with a faint red tint to it and with a two-finger fizzy head that fades into a light right with minimal lacing throughout. The aroma is nice with a strawberry sweetness, adding sweet aromas from the vanilla, OMB has more of a Fruity Pebbles aroma to it. There is a nice sweet strawberry flavor to it upfront with a little light tartness, the vanilla and the lactose cut the tart fruity flavors. The fruity sweet finish is good with a nice Fruity Pebbles cereal aftertaste is awesome all with a lighter mouthfeel. Hopfly Brewing Co. One More Bite (OMB) Fruited Sour is one good fruited sour beer, well deserving of an A+. It’s not really a strawberry shortcake, more of a fruity sugary cereal which is great and something very interesting to try. I recommend trying Hopfly Brewing Co. One More Bite (OMB) Fruited Sour Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!