Southern Pines Brewing Company Peach Mango Thief Fruited New England IPA

I see more and more of the New England Style IPA or hazy IPA’s out there. This Southern Pines Brewing Company Peach Mango Thief New England IPA, 6.5% ABV and an IBU of 20, which is brewed in Southern Pines North Carolina brewed with loads of Lactose and oats, then dry-hopped with Azacca and Citra hops. Conditioned on Peach and Mango Purée, vanilla beans and coconut. Peach Mango Thief pours a darker yellow color with a three finger white head with nice retention that gives off tropical fruit aromas of peach and mango with a nice sweetness and with touches of faint bitter hop notes. Taste is much similar to the nose but you get the coconut and vanilla beans with you peach and mango with a little mild hop note coming in towards the back of the mouth that finishes with a nice tropical sweetness with a faint hop note that gives you a tropical aftertaste that lingers a bit with a medium mouthfeel. Southern Pines Brewing Company Peach Mango Thief New England IPA hits the nail on the New England IPA head, it’s got a really nice tropical fruit flavor with a lower bitterness and a nice flow of sweetness that make for a refreshing beer, one that gets an A. Peach Mango Thief is not overly sweet, it has just enough to meld with the tropical fruits as well as the coconut. So if you haven’t had Southern Pines Brewing Company Peach Mango Thief New England IPA then leave right now and go try it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait Wheat

Originally posted March 16th, 2015

One of my favorite styles of beer the Wheat beer is also the first style I tied when I was getting into beer. This style is probably one of the most popular styles out there. Well, at least that is what I believe. Wheat style has a few substyles such as Dunkle, bock, and hefe, unfiltered, and filtered. This beer before us is Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait Wheat Beer with mango juice, 5.3% ABV. Miami Brewing Co. is a relatively new brewery. There have been around since only 2011. Miami brewing isn’t located in Miami but they aren’t too far from it in Homestead Florida. Shark Bait pours a bright gold color with an almost one finger head the really dissipates quickly. I found plenty of light streaming through the glass with lots of great carbonation bubbles. The aroma on Shark Bait is nice with a fun bubble gum scent. I guess that is the combination of wheat and mango juice. The taste is much the same with a nice bubble gum flavor with faint wheat notes and a little mango, but mostly I get bubble gum throughout. This Shark Bait Wheat Beer is refreshing with a light mouthfeel. The finish is smooth and sweet with a bubble gum flavor. The after taste is a little fruit with tropical mango and still bubble gum but a little lighter than before. I really enjoy Miami Brewing Shark Bait Wheat Beer It’s a solid A. I liked the mixture of wheat and mango and the bubble gum flavor that I got off it. That was great and interesting. There is nothing I could find wrong with this beer. I recommend trying Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait Wheat Beer. Go and try it for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly