Burial Beer Co. Ulfberht Baltic Porter with Juniper

I like the Burial Beer Co, beers so while I was shopping at Pop the Top Bottle Shop I picked up Burial Beer Co. Ulfberht Baltic Porter with Juniper, 7.8%, brewed with German and British malts, then fermented with Juniper, and traditionally lagers. Ulfberht Baltic Porter pours a jet black oil color with a one and a quarter finger beige head that does leave behind some spotty lacing with aromas of Chocolate sweetness and roasted malts with a faint berry note. The taste is not to far off form the nose of Ulfberht Baltic Porter, there is the roasted sweet chocolate flavor with a faint minty beery on the back of the tongue that comes to a nice sweet roasted finish with an chocolate juniper berry aftertaste with a medium/full. This hits the make on how I feel about Burial Beers, Burial Beer Co. Ulfberht Baltic Porter with Juniper is definitely a A+. I found it to be just the right mouthfeel and well brewed and balanced Baltic Porter, one that highly recommend and one will be back too. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!