NoDa Brewing Company Hoppy Holidays India Pale Ale

Local Charlotte, North Carolina NoDa Brewing Company, Hoppy Holidays, 6.5% ABV which was purchased from the local Harris Teeter grocery. Hoppy Holidays which is a holiday seasonal beer is brewed to give you the flavor of a pine or Christmas tree, and pours a light copper color with a three finger slightly off white slow head giving off huge piney aromas with orange/grapefruit bitterness that leads you to a flavors big piney notes with a slight sweetness with some bitter grapefruit citrus with a nice pine finish and a citrus piney aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. This ways surprising how NoDa got Hoppy Holidays to taste like a Christmas tree and that is good, I think it is an A. But one pint is enough because if another is had the big piney flavor overwhelms the mouth and all you’d taste after would be this otherwise fabulous beer, and one that I highly recommend trying! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!