Modern Times Beer Lomaland Saison

Modern Times Beer Lomaland Saison, 5.5% ABV, brewed in San Diego, California I picked up from Total Wine is relatively new to the Carolinas and it quite popular in the craft beer community. Lomaland pours a bight yellow with a three finger white head giving off lemon pepper aromas with some yeasted notes with a bright lemon sweet/tart flavor with a pepper notes some though with a slightly funky finish that is semi-tart with a nice funky yeasted aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. Modern Times Beer Lomaland Saison isn’t the best Saison I’ve had but it’s not a bad one either, it gets a B-. It’s the lightness of it all that holds it back a bit but doesn’t make it bad. I think that it’s a light Saison that should be in the introduction to Saison, when you want to get into Saison this should be a beer that you should try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly

Kentucky Ale Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale.

Kentucky Ale Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale, 5.5% ABV pick up from Total Wine, is brewed in Lexington Kentucky and is 100% barrel aged. Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale pours a clean orange color with a one finger fizzing white head with sweet vanilla aroma with thin barrel oak that guides you into a sweet vanilla taste that washes quickly of your tongue with hints of a smooth sweetness with a lingering finish of vanilla that is soda like and a much similar aftertaste that lingers with vanilla with a medium mouthfeel. Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale has lots of sweet vanilla to it with very little barrel notes and I think its C-. The sweet vanilla flavor hold the beer to be average but not great. This beer has more of a vanilla soda like quality to it that is okay at best and I don’t think I would hurry back to have Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale again! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer

Orinally posted on August 27th, 2016.

Here we have an import beer from Scotland, Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer, 6.6% ABV. This beer is aged in an oak barrel for seventy-seven day before bottling. This Innis & Gunn pours a caramel color with a one finger white fizzy head that fade kind of quickly. The aroma is sweet with hints a light vanilla and caramel with a faint toasted oak note. Original Innis & Gunn does have a sweet start to the taste, with a slight vanilla and some caramel notes then you get a bit of toffee in the middle with the oaky flavor towards the end. The finish is smooth yet semi-sweet with a nice lingering after taste of vanilla toffee. Not a bad oak aged beer; I give this one a B+. You can really taste how the aging really smoothed out the beer, usually, this Scottish style is a bit harsher but this one isn’t, it’s mellow and smooth with a nice subtle sweetness. I recommend trying Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer. It’s a nice beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, NC area!

  • Wednesday, October 7th. Hop for Homes. Birdsong Brewing Co. 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. Join us as we toast #HabitatCharlotte homeowners who have paid off their mortgage and support future homeowners at our #HopsforHomesevent! Our friends at #BirdsongBrewing are partnering with us in this new initiative and have helped us create a special recipe in honor of our 35th birthday! We’re calling it My House IPA and this small batch edition will be available for purchase at the event! Proceeds support #HabitatCharlotte as we continue to put a dent in the #affordablehousing crisis! Come taste and see why homeownership is so sweet! #BLDCLT #HeartsHandsHomes#cltbeer #ncbeer #Charlotte
  • Wednesday, October 7th. Hazecaramacchiato Frapamochachocochino – Pilot Batch Release. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-9 pm. his Pilot Batch Wednesday, come to try out this Brown Ale with whole bean coffee & hazelnut added!
  • Friday, October 9th. Night Shift NC Welcome Party. SaludBeer Shop. 6 pm-12 am. Join us as we welcome Night Shift Brewing from Boston, MA
    We’re tapping
    Whirl Pool NE IPA
    Santilli IPA
    cases of Night Lite Lager
    Whirl Pool
    Santilli IPA
  •  Saturday, October 10th. Beer for Breakfast! A Donut & Beer Pairing. Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop. 10 am-2 pm. We’ve been holding onto a big keg of Skillet Donut from Burial Beer Co.and thought, let’s pair this amazing beer along with some other tasty beers for a Donut and Beer pairing. We’ll be opening up early at 10am and will provide FREE hand picked donuts from Your Mom’s Donuts for each beer. Best way to maximize your experience will be to get a flight of 4 and enjoy the start of your Saturday! Check out Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop for the list of special beer that will be on hand.
  • Sunday, October 11th. Fall Oyster Roast by Birdsong Brewing & Rappahannock! Birdsong Brewing. 1 pm-4 pm. Fall is upon us and we’re celebrating with an Oyster Roast! Our friends from Rocksalt Charlotte are bringing the oysters and the steamers down from Rappahannock River Oysters, LLC and Rocksalt Charlotte will be on site serving up their delicious oysters! Buckets of steamed/roasted oysters will be $15 & RockSalt will be shucking raw oysters to order for $15 a dozen!
    It’s Veteran’s Day weekend and we hope you can carve out a few hours from your busy schedules to relax with a few pints of delicious local beer and enjoy some super fresh oysters sold by the bucket! This event is family friendly, so all are encouraged to join! In honor of Veteran’s Day Weekend, we’ll be donating a portion of the day’s proceeds to Purple Heart Homes!
    11/11/18 1-4 PM.
    Rocksalt Charlotte, located in the Park Road Shopping Center, is our Oyster Roast event partner! They specialize in sustainable seafood and are proud to offer a variety of local craft beer and beverages as well. Check them out for daily oyster specials and more  


Boulevard Brewing Co. The Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale

Boulevard Brewing Co. The Six Glass Quadrupel Ale, 10.2% ABV picked up from my local Total Wine comes from Kansas City, Missouri and is a Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale with 22 IBUs (International Bittering Units) pours a deep brown color with a one and a half beige head that slowly fizzes down to a nice halo giving you aromas of sweet dark fruits, plums and raisins with alcoholic boozy notes that takes you to the flavor of more dark fruit taste with a strong note of boozy alcohol with touches of sweetness coming through with a nice sweet boozy dark fruit finish and aftertaste of boozy dark fruits with a fuller mouthfeel. The Six Glass Quadrupel Ale is slightly thinner tasting than some other Belgian Quadrupel Ales, still a good one but I think there are better ones out there so I give Boulevard Brewing Co. The Six Glass Quadrupel Ale a B. The mouthfeel could have been a little fuller and there could have been more robustness in the dark fruits but not a bad Belgian style Quad. Something that I would recommend? Yes, this is one that you should try, it nice to see how an American craft version of a Belgian Quad stacks up to a real Belgian Quad, and it to okay but not better. Cheers! please enjoy responsibly!

Moody Tongue Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison

Moody Tongue from Chicago Illinois, Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison 6.3% which I think is using Meyer lemons in this Saison, which pours an orange color with a two finger quickly receding white head that gives of a lemon effervescent with hints of sweet but slightly tart aromas with a flavor of some sour lemon notes with a touch of sweetness with a bright effervescent that causes the beer to turn from tart to sour in a bad way, then finishes with a faint lemon dish soap like flavor with a bitter sour off-putting lemon aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. This beer was terrible and the lemon flavors were more of a sour bitter mess then pretty much anything else. So Moody Tongue Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison is an F+, I did finish all twelve ounces but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it nor would I recommend it. The lemon aspect was just not something resembling the taste of nice lemon and the Saison aspect wasn’t very Saison at all and when you put two bad things together it comes out to Moody Tongue Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Duvel Belgian Golden Ale

Originally posted on December 23rd, 2013

Belgium is one of the best and oldest beer brewing countries in the world and produces some of the world’s best beers and most popular styles. One brewery in particular is Duvel Moortagt, which as been brewing since 1871 and has made a family brewery. This Is Duvel, Belgian Golden Ale (bottle Conditioned) 8.5% ABV. It comes in 11.2 ounce short stubby bottle. Duvel pours a bright golden color with a three finger bright white foamy, rocky head that sticks around for a quit while and leaves behind some thick amazing looking lacing. I found plenty of light streaming through the glass with decent amounts of carbonation. The aroma on Duvel is bright with a pineapple scent and nice hints of grainy, grassy notes. I also found a boozy aroma but none to heavy. The taste on this is big, with a nice light pineapple and a faint grassy note. Towards the back of the mouth I found it to be slightly boozier and stronger than the start with hints of carbonation. The mouth feel is medium with a boozy texture and finishes crisp and slightly boozy. The after taste on Duvel is nice faintly sweet, strong, and boozy with hints of hoppy yet grassy textures. Overall Duvel is a great beer so I would give this an A+. This is a great example of bottle conditioned Belgian golden ale. Duvel goes well with any season, and occasion. I found this beer to be very popular with concerning beer drinkers. I recommend that you try this and share it with you friends; you’ll look like a real beer connoisseur. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!