Lagunitas Brewing Co. Cherry Jane Sour Ale

Pick up Lagunitas Brewing Company Cherry Jane Sour Ale 5.5% ABV as part of a mixed six pack from Whole Foods. Cherry Jane Sour Ale is brewed with Turkish Delight Cherry Juice and pours a deep red cherry color with a dark pink two finger head that fades down into a light ring with very little lacing giving off tart sour cherry notes that have bit of a dryness that takes you to a similar taste with sour, tart, fruity dry flavors with a dry finish that is tart and fruity with a tartly dry aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. Overall Lagunitas Brewing Company Cherry Jane Sour Ale is a good beer that isn’t to mouth puckering sour/tart, I give it a B. The dry notes keep it down a little on making it a wonderful, but this is a beer that I would come back to and recommend trying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!