Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Hazy Little Thing IPA


Hazy unfiltered IPAs are quite popular with many craft breweries brewing them and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Hazy Little Thing IPA, 6.7% ABV is one IPA that is following the popular trend. Hazy Little Thing IPA pours a hazy yellow with a two finger white fizzy head that gives you orange juice aromas with some bitter notes and flavor of bitter orange juice and a little passion fruit towards the back of the tongue with a juicy bitter finish and a fruit juicy aftertaste with a slight bitterness all with a light mouthfeel. Hazy Little Thing IPA drinks very easy, especially with an ABV of 6.7%. Hazy Little Thing IPA is a great tasting beer that is well deserving of an A+ and a beer that I highly recommend. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!