Fullsteam Brewery Humidity Pale Ale


Brewed locally in Durham, North Carolina Fullsteam Brewery Humidity Pale Ale, 6.0% with 50 IBUs is brewed with local N.C. farmed and malted Triticale which is a hybrid of wheat and rye. Humidity Pale Ale pours a hazy orange color with a big four finger pillowy white head with great retention with lots of lacing left behind and giving you aromas of spiced grapefruit/orange with bitter pine that then lead to flavors of spiced bitter grapefruit with a smooth earth pine note towards the back of the tongue with a bitter finish of slight citrus and pine with a much similar aftertaste that is slight more bitter than the finish with a lighter mouthfeel. Humidity Pale Ale was an interesting Pale Ale that I give a B-. The Triticale adds an interesting note to a good beer one that I recommend and would love to have again and so should you. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

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