Holy City Brewing Paradise Session India Pale Ale


Holy City Brewing (Charleston, South Carolina), Paradise Session India Pale Ale, 4.7% ABV is brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops and to celebrate the prevention of drilling of the South Carolina Coast and support The Coastal Conservation League. Paradise pours a hazy yellow color with a thin two finger white head that fades into itself in a rapid manner giving off aromas of tropical sweet fruits with a nice nostril smack of bitterness with a little floral aroma that leads you to the sip of tropical fruit flavors with a nice serge of bitter floral notes that are semi-sweet that all come together to a bitter tropical finish that is a bit smooth and an aftertaste of bitter tropical fruit and floral notes with a thin dry like mouthfeel. Overall Paradise Session India Pale Ale wasn’t bad but I found the flavor to be just a tiny bit over what I would call a sessionable flavor and that gives it a C+. I mean I could probably drink three and then I would be tired of the flavor of this beer. But the flavor is spot on for a more tropical IPA and I would recommend it to anyone especially in the summertime. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

Throwback Thursday: Abita Brewing Company Pecan Harvest Ale

Orginally posted on November 4, 2011. First post ever!


If you are not familiar with Abita beer then please familiarize yourself with them now. Every season of the year Abita brews a different harvest beer. One for each season spring, summer, fall, and winter. This particular seasonal harvest ale (fall season) is brewed with pale, Munich biscuit and caramel malts and Willamette hops. Real Louisiana roasted pecans are added in the brewhouse. The Abita brewery uses natural spring water from the Abita Springs. This ale has ABV (alcohol by volume) of 5%. This harvest ale pours a nice orangey amber color. The clean white head fades away quick. This Abita has a nice aroma of fresh pecans with a slight caramel scent. On the first taste, you get a nutty flavor followed by a buttery creamy taste. Aftertaste you’ll find it to be creamy and rich almost binging your grandmother’s nutty-sweet pecan pie to your mind and a smile. It has a smooth aftertaste,  Its good! I love this one, it grew on me and I will buy it again. Abita does a great job with a lot of its beers, I can’t say the same for their brewery tour. That’s a topic for another post. So grab one now before its gone and share with family friends, and loved ones! Cheers! Please Drink Responsibly!