Hi-Wire Brewing Hi-Wire Lager

I had Hi-Wire Brewing Hi-Wire Lager a little while back at a friends house and I thought to myself that I should review this beer. I recently picked up Hi-Wire Lager at my local Harris Teeter grocery store. Hi-Wire Lager is brewed with light Pilsen malt & German hops that pours a bright yellow color with a bright two finger slowly fading white head with sweet aromas of Pilsen malts and a light grain note that is accompanied by a taste of a sweet malt flavor of light crispy grains that finish with a light crisp sweetness with a sweet bread like aftertaste ┬áthat doesn’t stick around to long with a light mouth feel that is refreshing and smooth. When I first had this lager a while back it was great and still after having ┬áHi-Wire Brewing Hi-Wire Lager it’s still good, getting an A. Hi-Wire Lager is a great craft lager and one that is very sessionable with ease of dinking. I highly recommend you try Hi-Wire Brewing Hi-Wire Lager and buy many it’s that good! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!