Destihl Brewery Abby’s Single


Destihl Brewery In Bloomington Illinois brews Abby’s Single, 5.5% BVV with 22 IBUs which is classified as a Belgian Pale Ale or a beer that was brewed by the monks for everyday consumption. Abby’s Single pours a somewhat orange color with a one and a half finger white head that fades into a little halo with a spicy phenolics noted aroma with a faint note of yeast that pulls you to a semi-sweet yet spicy phenolic and yeasted note with faint fruit flavor that has a very faint and weak bitter note on the end and finishes with a slight spicy yeast note and an aftertaste of  some fruit that is a bit on the faint side with a light mouthfeel. This was not the best Abby Single I’ve had but it was not bad, it’s a B-. Not bold enough flavors on this to push it to a great A+ beer, but it was good and tasty enough. I would recommend trying Destihl BreweryAbby’s Single it’s worth a try I think. Cheers! please enjoy responsibly! 

Throwback Thursday: Fullsteam Brewery Working Man’s Lunch


One reason for buying beer for me is the label, it can depend on how neat and/or interesting it is. Another reason for buying a beer could be the style of beer or the brewery. Well I bought a Fullsteam beer recently because of the fact that it is a Fullsteam beer, the label looked very interesting and I like the style. I bought Fullsteam Working Man’s Lunch, Everyday Chocolate Ale. 5.7% ABV. Fullsteam is a local North Carolina brewery in Durham, North Carolina. The name of this beer is a tribute to the original working man’s lunch a Moon Pie (big chocolate covered crusted cookie/pie with marshmallow inside) and a cola. Working Man’s Lunch is a chocolate brown ale, brewed with chocolate from Raleigh’s Escazu Artisan Chocolate and Weizen Yeast. Sounds interesting. Working Man’s Lunch pours a brown color with dark ruby brown edges and a two finger white head that fades nicely into some bubbly lacing. I found no amounts of light coming through with a little carbonation bubble, not to say this isn’t carbonated. The aroma is sweet with hints of chocolate and fine yeasty notes. I didn’t get much Weizen aroma from this. Working Man’s Lunch has a nice sweet taste in front of nice light cocoa/chocolate flavors. I found a little cola flavor in the middle that was the slightest bit odd but not too bad tasting. I was looking for so weizen like flavors and found none, no banana notes here. But I did get a yeasty flavor on the end that was okay But as this beer warms it becomes more and more of a brown ale. The mouthfeel is high medium and sweet, and Working Man’s Lunch finishes nice silky with a sweet aftertaste that lingers enough for you to really savor Working Man’s Lunch. Overall an interesting brown ale, so I give this a B-.  I didn’t really find any traces of the Weizen flavors here at all, and that brought it down a little, but other than that it was good as a brown ale. Not really overly heavy or thick. I would recommend Fullsteam’s Working Man’s Lunch. So go out and try it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!