Foothill Brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project Cherish IPA


The last of Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project, Cherish IPA 8.5% ABV with 88 IBUs, don’t know if Foothills will do this again for 2018 or not but stay tuned. Cherish IPA is a double IPA brewed with Citra hops and pours an orange color with a slight yellow hue to it with a three finger slow fading head that leaves behind great thick lacing and gives a citrus fruit aroma of oranges and grapefruit with a slight earthy note that smells slightly bitter and hoppy which leads you to the big citrus fruit flavors of orange and grapefruit with nice amounts ob hoppy bitter earthy pine notes that are quite refreshing with a nice orange and grapefruit finish that is pleasantly bitter with a slightly bitter fruit aftertaste with a lighter mouth feel. Whenever I buy an IPA like this from Foothills I always have a feeling that it’s going to be really good and this one did not disappoint at all, and it deserves an A+ and is a beer that I highly recommend and would have again. It is so well balanced and so well brewed. It is just fantastic! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!        

Throwback Thursday: Brewery Ommegang Rare Vos Amber Ale

Oringally posted January 23rd, 2016.


Once again I, Best Beer Blog found it’s way to yet another Belgian-style beer. This is Brewery Ommegang (part of Duvel) Rare Vos Amber Ale, 6.5% ABV. Rare Vos is an Amber ale style that is popular in Belgian cafés and is named after a café just outside of Brussels: De Rare Vos, or “The Sly Fox”, hence the fox on the label. Rare Vos is brewed with sweet orange peel, grains of paradise, and coriander. This beer is good by itself or with mussels, fries and other pub food. Rare Vos pours a bright copper-amber hue with a big three finger creamy white head that sticks around for a while. The aroma is spiced with orange peels, a grainy aroma with a nice subtle sweetness. The taste on Rare Vos is sweet and orangey with a spice note in there and hints of malt flavors. I like the way this tastes but not enough to have more than probably two or three. The mouthfeel is mellow with a nice fruity finish and a nice spiced orange that fades into a subtle sweetness that doesn’t linger for too long. I enjoyed this but like I said earlier this is good up until the third because the flavor is a bit bold and would be too much after a few. This Ommegang Rare Vos Amber ale is getting a B here. Not a bad beer but it gets to be too much after a while like I said. This isn’t the worst thing ever. It is a good beer, don’t get that wrong. I only had this one Rare Vos. But I am basing my opinion on how the flavor tasted by the end. It was slowly beginning to be a bit much for me by then. But it was not enough for me to stop at one. I could’ve had another, and I recommend you trying Brewery Ommegang Rare Vos Amber Ale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!