New Holland Brewing Hoptronix Double India Pale Ale


I have really had much from New Holland Brewery in New Holland Michigan. I know that they have good beer from what I hear. Well this New Holland Brewing Hoptronix Double India Pale Ale. 9.0% ABV with 70n IBUs came to be from another of my recent Brewpublik deliveries. Hoptronix pours a bright hazy orange color with a one finger white head that quickly fades away with no traces of it behind giving you big hoppy earthy notes with some bitter orange and slight grapefruit. You can really smell that this is a double IPA. Taste has a big bitter hoppy note up front that really hits your tongue then you get some earthy bitter orange and grapefruit in the middle and somewhat sweet notes on the end that all finish with a bitterness and some slight bitter earthy fruit and has a little bitter hopped aftertaste that has a faint grapefruit notes they with a more full mouthfeel. You know that I am not a huge fan of double IPA’s, there are just two or maybe three that I like, but this was not bad once you get past the big bitter wallop upfront it’s not so bad, and I say New Holland Brewing Hoptronix Double India Pale Ale is a B-. But this isn’t one that I would have more than one of. I think that the second would overwhelm your taste buds. But one is good. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

Throwback Thursday: Against The Grain Brewiny 35k Stout

This post is from January 15, 2017. 


I’ve been trying to review more dark beers for The Best Beer Blog because I’ve been reviewing a lot of IPA’s, Pale Ales, and similar type beers. I’m reviewing more dark beer not because I don’t like IPA and/or Pale Ales, this isn’t an IPA beer blog. Here is Against The Grain Brewery, 35K Stout Beer, 7.0% ABV. Against The Grain, Brewing is in Louisville Kentucky. 35K Stout Beer pours a black color with a three finger creamy light beige head that sticks and leaves behind awesome lacing. The aroma is roasted with coffee notes and a slight chocolate sweetness. The aroma is quite good. Taste on 35K Stout Beer is roasted up front with a semi-sweet coffee flavor in the middle and a tingle of a faint bitterness at the very end. The mouthfeel is full and rich with a nice chocolate coffee like finish and an aftertaste of semi-sweet roasted flavors that linger there for what seems like forever. 35K Stout Beer surprised me with its flavors and I was expecting it to be more on the bittersweet side of the stout spectrum.  But that wasn’t the case. 35K Stout Beer is an A. I highly recommend 35K Stout Beer for anyone that is into dark beers. I really enjoyed it and look forward to having this Against The Grain Brewery 35K Stout Beer again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly