Throwback Thursday: Birrifico Del Ducato & Abita Brewing Co. Two Boots Saison


I am growing a liking to Saisons the more I have and I am looking out for them when I am beer shopping. Two Boots Saison 6.2% ABV is a collaboration between two countries and their great and celebrated breweries, Italy’s Birrificio Del Ducato and Louisiana’s Abita Beer. The name is from the fast that both Italy and Louisiana are shaped like boots. This saison is brewed with pepper, honey, lemon balm, pilsner and wheat malts. Two boots pours a lighter gold color with a four finger pillowy white head that sticks around for a while till fading into nice traces of lacing. Minimal light shines through with nice carbonation. The aroma is nice with a slight pepper and full honey with spots of lemon. Two Boots taste is yeasty with lemon and pepper notes towards the middle and back of the tongue. I found a bit of funky flavors on the end that wasn’t so bad but was also a bit mild in flavor. The flavor on this is average at best but not bad. The mouth feel is medium and has a nice spicy pepper finish and with a after taste of yeast pepper and lemon. Overall this Two Boots Saison Collaboration is not so bad but there are much better saisons out there. This is a C+ beer. I just think this is average with out being on the bad side. But when you get towards the end of the bottle it becomes a bit boring. I would have this again but not too soon though. Like I said there are better saisons out there to have then this. Not bad though just not as great as some. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness Project Move IPA


I have another Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness Project Beer, Move IPA, 6.3% ABV and 60 IBUs (International Bittering Units). This Beer is helping people move and be active, because almost 30% of us qualify as inactive, and only one out of three adults get their recommend amount of physical activity a week. Move IPA pours a deep gold color with a foamy three finger white head with excellent retention, giving off aromas of resin grapefruit with piney earthy hop notes. Movie IPA has a slight bitter flavor up front with some resin grapefruit in the middle of the mouth then come a earthy pine note with some more hop bitterness toward the back. The finish is slightly fruity with citrus notes and some hop notes and you get a juicy bitter after taste. The mouth feel is medium on Move IPA. This is just like all of the other beer in this series, great and I give Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness Project Move IPA an A-. This IPA has just balanced flavors throughout and has great flavors that do not overwhelm your taste buds. This is one that I would suggest trying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!